Edenn (born Edem Kodjo Azuma), was born in Lome, Togo.

Growing up in a family of 6, he began at a young age cultivating multiple artistic talents. From the age of 12, he dreamt of becoming a filmmaker, and subsequently began writing feature films that astonished his peers.

By 2010, Edenn moved to Europe. In Brussels, he obtained his master's degree in journalism, a job he currently practices in Paris where he now lives. Although bursting with talent, Edenn went through a time of uncertainty and confusion before finding clarity in his multi-faceted path. It was during this period that he says he found his motto: "close your eyes and follow your instinct".  That’s exactly what he did when he chose music.

“I decided to get into music after a long period of hard work and with some hesitation because I have a lot of skills  in fashion design and writing screenplays for movies."

"It was hard for me to decide from where to  begin.” he says.  “I wrote my debut song ‘ I Am Thinking About You’ in 2016 after a show that I made with a friend of mine in a small theater in Paris.  During the show the public was so happy , they were singing together with me. I was very touched by the way they reacted to my song so I decided to write a song to thank them. The crowd was so enthusiastic about  my performance I couldn’t sleep that night so I started composing “I Am Thinking About You”.

To date, Edenn has written more than 300 songs.  “It was hard to choose this song amongst the 300 others  I now have in my repertoire, but I chose this one as my debut international release because this is the one which best expresses the love story between my music fans and I.”

Unsurprisingly, this renaissance man is self taught in both song-writing and composition.  And his team spans across continents. “ My manager lives in Belgium and I live in Paris. I worked with musicians and studios in Paris (France) and also Montreal (Canada). The label and the producer are both Canadian. It's really very special and exciting, even magic to work with people from different cultures. These collaborations and this kind of diversity brings many valuable layers and contributions to our work. “ says this citizen of the world.

And now, not only is Edenn a songwriter, singer, fashion designer and screenplay writer….with a foot in at least four countries he can also be called a true citizen of the world.